Residential Extension & Renovation building services

Home extensions and additions are a great way of gaining valuable space without having to move. 

Whether you choose to go up or out, there are many factors to consider.

Before beginning any renovation, extension or addition, you will need council approvals and permits.

Estruct can help you ascertain exactly what approvals you will need and help you negotiate the red tape.

Estruct can help you navigate the red tape of council approvals & permits, ensuring a smooth process for your home extension or renovation, allowing you to gain valuable space without having to move.

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Expand your living space without relocating

Home extensions and additions offer a fantastic opportunity to expand your living space without the need to relocate. Whether you opt for extending upwards or outwards, there are numerous crucial factors to take into account. From the structural considerations to the aesthetics and functionality, planning a home extension requires careful thought and expertise.

Approvals & permits

One of the initial steps in undertaking a renovation, extension, or addition is obtaining the necessary council approvals and permits. This process can often be daunting and time-consuming, involving intricate regulations. However, with Estruct by your side, you can rest assured that we can assist you through this process to provide peace of mind.

Our other building services

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New Homes

If you have a block of land, Estruct can build a new home to suit your requirements.

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For clients seeking an exceptional architecturally designed home, Estruct regularly partner with leading architects.