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A heritage streetscape is complemented by this quaint, revived façade. Little would a passerby know that it masks a spacious, contemporary interior, designed with all the best luxuries to satisfy the modern lifestyle.

The L-shaped layout of the living areas places a stylish modern kitchen as the centre point. While featuring clean and simple cabinetry, cutting edge appliances and black bar stools to contrast with the bright white colour, a stunning stone bench top is the real visual treat in this area. Extending over the breakfast bar to the floor, the white and grey marble reflects the luminosity of a low hanging light fixture above, providing not only an attractive element to the kitchen, but also a practical one.

The spacious dining area can be opened up via bi-fold doors to a spotted gm timber decking that surrounds the swimming pool. Similarly, french doors expose the casual lounge area of the pool, proving that the inviting blue waters are the focal point of this house. The indoors and out have been thoughtfully connected in the home’s floor plan, door placement and also in the extensive use of glazing which welcomes the light.

Siltstone paving spills out from more bi-folds off the living area onto a luscious green lawn. An overarching cantilever roof with down lights shelters a supremely fitted-out barbecue bench complete with sink. This area links to an outdoor table setting, affording the home owners with a perfect place to enjoy family barbecues on those warm summer nights.

A formal sitting room enjoys rich deeply coloured walls and dark reaching dark timber book shelving while the newest parts of the home feature a simple and understated colour palette. The fairness of the wall, cabinetry and American Oak floors is set off against some well planned finishes like the floor to ceiling render black columns incorporating both colour and texture into the living room. Red cushions, bright floral arrengements and wall art also warm up the cool neutral tones.

Perhaps the most striking accent is found in the most unexpected place – an internal courtyard. Here, lush green bamboo surrounds a tall bamboo feature painted bright red and placed in front of a green free standing feature wall. Such an arrengement cold only be surrounded by floor to ceiling windows, thus making the window frames like those of a piece of art.

It is clear that the splendour of this home is not compromised by its single level, In fact this is a design feature with all the main living areas enjoying fusion with the outdoor environment.

Written by Tina Lindner

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